Bridget Harris

Bridget Harris YouCanBookMe
Bridget Harris

Bridget is co-founder and CEO of YouCanBookMe

Bridget’s is the founder and CEO of YouCanBookMe, her third career.

Her first was in the television and film industry before switching to politics.

She served primarily as a policy adviser, with wide ranging interests including the role of technology in society, equal rights and opportunities. She ended up being an advisor to the UK Deputy Prime Minister.

In 2012 she started working full time at YCBM where she deals with YCBM people, business, legal, finance and strategy.

The service now manages over 750,000 appointments a year for companies including TED, Uber and Netflix as well as a huge number of SMEs.

Talks by Bridget Harris

Hiring The Best TalentSeptember 2017
The Buskers Guide to Running a Tech StartupApril 2016

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