Nic Lawrence: Hard Won Lessons on an 18 Year Rollercoaster Ride

Nic will share some of the key points of his 18 year journey building Light Blue Optics (now Kaptivo), the hardware startup he started with three colleagues from his university research group in 2004. 

They saw the potential to combine emerging display technologies to develop holographic digital projectors. Over 18 years he’s navigated multiple product pivots and funding rounds, he’s been CEO three times, sold the company four times, and finally exited the business in April 2022.

Nic will discuss why some of the ideas he picked up at BoS Conference were hard to implement in a hardware business and some of the key lessons he will bring to his next venture.

Nic Lawrence

CEO & Founder, Genee Labs

Nic is founder of Genee Labs, Kaptivo, and Light Blue Optics. An electronic design engineer, he moved straight from his post-doctoral research at Cambridge to founding and leading the growth and development of Light Blue Optics. An entrepreneur who is a product person at heart, he believes people should be complicated and products should be simple.

Nic is now running his new startup – a software business.

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