Rosemary Francis: Success is What You Make, Not What You Raise

Rosemary will share some powerful lessons she has learned in founding, building and ultimately selling her company, Ellexus, over more than 10 years.

She will discuss her approach to bootstrapping and how essential it can be to retain control of your business. This was critical when in 2018 she reduced the size of company by almost 70%, increasing both revenue and profitability. That was the year that started with the arrival of her second child, so she’ll be sharing what it means to start a family while keeping the lights on in the business.

She will also talk about why she sold Ellexus to Altair, a NASDAQ listed tech giant, whose founder of 30 years is still CEO. She is now their Chief Scientist for HPC and manages the future roadmap for their High-Performance Computing workload managers.

Rosemary Francis

CEO & Founder, Ellexus, Chief Scientist, Altair

After completing a PhD in compute architecture, Rosemary founded Ellexus to solve the IT infrastructure problems she had encountered in the semiconductor industry. She is an expert on computer architecture, High-Performance Computing, and analytics, with a keen interest in promoting diversity in engineering, as well as education initiatives to get more children learning about all spheres of computer science. She is a supporter and member of the Raspberry Pi Foundation.

She spoke at BoS USA almost 10 years ago with a Lightning Talk that asked the question, Why are bald men under-represented in senior management?

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