Business of Software Conference Program 2022 – Online & In-person

Our big news in 2022 – online grows and in-person conferences coming back.

Online conferences are here to stay. In 2022 at Business of Software, we’re building on the success of our online program in 2021 with a series of six one-day online conferences over the year.

We’re also pleased to be launching our in-person conferences – just not quite like old times.

We think the online and in-person BoS Conferences will fit together in perfect harmony.

So what conferences are we launching in 2022? How can you get involved? When are the conferences happening? Read on to find out…

Business of Software Conference Program 2022 – Online and In-person

BoS Conf Online

We’re going to continue running online conferences in 2022, but we’re making a few little tweaks:

  • Instead of two multi-day online events, we’ll be running six one-day online conferences, spread across the year.
  • You can attend for one day, or a full series.

We can’t stress enough the benefit you get when you attend a series of online events rather than just a one off event and our pricing structure has been designed to help you to get involved in the series.

They’re jam-packed full of learning, value, engagement, and networking. The BoS community spirit is such an important part of what we do, and we want to strengthen that with every event.

In-person BoS Conferences

Alongside our online conference series, we know some of you are ready to get out and take part in real world events again. Our in-person conferences return to the line-up with two in-person multi-day conferences; one in Europe, one in the USA.

The venue for BoS Conference Europe can accommodate approx 300 people but we’re going to be very careful to ensure people have space and feel safe. Attendance is going to be much lower than capacity because we think it’s important that we take all of the right steps to make everyone feel comfortable. More details here.

We recognise some people are quite comfortable being in relatively close proximity, but others want to keep their distance. We respect both approaches. As you sign up, you’ll be asked what your social distancing preferences are and we will make sure everyones preferences are accommodated for.

BoS Conf Europe 4-5 April 2022

Our first in-person conference will be BoS Conf Europe, held in Cambridge (UK) on 4-5 April 2022.

BoS Conf USA

We are planning to run BoS Conf USA in-person, probably towards the end of September 2022.

The challenge we have with venues is that a venue with a capacity of 400 in normal times will have a lower capacity today. This has a significant impact on the economics of the event that we need to be sure we can manage.

Details will be announced as soon as we’re able. Clearly, there have been a lot of people who have followed and supported BoS over the last couple, or indeed 15, years and we want to make sure the people that have supported us and got us to where we are today will have have the first chance to sign up to attend.

Have a wonderful 2022 and we look forward to seeing you soon.

BoS Conf 2022 Dates for Your Diaries

9 March | Online Single Day Conf: ➡️ Find out more

4-5 April | In-Person Multi-Day Conf, Europe: ➡️ Find out more

11 May | Online Single Day Conf: ➡️ Find out more

8 June | Online Single Day Conf: ➡️ Find out more

13 July | Online Single Day Conf: ➡️ Find out more

Fall (Date TBC) | In-Person Multi-Day Conf, USA ➡️ Find out more

12 October | Online Single Day Conf: ➡️ Find out more

9 November | Online Single Day Conf: ➡️ Find out more

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