Business of Software Europe In-Person Conf – 4-5 April 2022

In-Person | 4-5 April 2022 | 09:00-17:30 BST/UK Time 🇬🇧
Churchill College, Cambridge, UK

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Learn how great SaaS and software companies are run. 

Business of Software In-Person brings you into the room with entrepreneurs and experts for sessions and talks on growth, strategy, product management, company culture, leadership and more.

The conference is designed to bring you together with other smart people to learn together and help you feel part of a supportive community of SaaS & software entrepreneurs who want to build great products and companies.


Roan Lavery
How to Keep Yourself and Your Company Motivated

Brennan Dunn
Scaling Relevance: to Infinity and Beyond

Rosemary Francis
Success is What You Make, Not What You Raise

Paul Kenny
Thinking Through Your Sales Challenges

Alex McCracken
SaaS and Software Company Metrics

Nopadon Wongpakdee
Applying JTBD to Marketing

Mr Joe Leech Transitions

Joe Leech
Managing Your Internal and External Board

Tessa Clarke
On a Mission to Change the World

Saielle DaSilva: Hiring and Culture at Scale

Saielle DaSilva
How to Hack the Culture Stack – the OS for People.

Bruce McCarthy
Is My Product Team Any Good?

Nic Lawrence
Hard Won Lessons on an 18 Year Rollercoaster Ride

Anna Granta
Supporting Neurodiversity in Your Team

Covid Requirements

All attendees should be vaccinated.

The conference will also ensure you are comfortable and safe when you are there and when you leave. More about our Covid requirements and precautions here.

Your ticket includes:

  • Sunday night drinks in college to meet before the conference begins in earnest.
  • Breakfast in hall for informal meeting and talks.
  • Morning talk sessions and coffee break networking.
  • Seated lunch with Birds of a Feather discussion groups to help you find your kindred spirits.
  • Afternoon talk sessions and coffee break networking.
  • End of day networking.
  • Networking drinks, activities and a sit-down dinner on the evening of the first day to relax and enjoy the company of other attendees.

What to Expect

Over two fully immersive days you will enjoy talk sessions from some of the world’s top experts as well as networking sessions for you to touch elbows with some of the community’s amazing up-and-comers as well as long standing titans of industry looking to learn and grow and meet fabulous new BoS people.

Each day starts at 09:00 (although breakfast is served from 08:00) and closes at 17:30 each day. No doubt you’ll meet someone or a team of people you want to continue your discussions with after the end of day one, so be prepared to stay engaged throughout the evening.

This Europe In-Person Conf will not be streamed online. We haven’t found a good enough hybrid event setup that meets the needs of both sets of attendees and delivers the same impact. We do believe that online conferences can be brilliant – that’s why we run them too. We just want to make sure we are always focused on delivering the highest quality experience possible.

We know how valuable your time is, but we also know how valuable time spent working on your company is. In two days you will learn, reflect, discuss and share ideas about building grat software and companies that you can put to work even before you are back in the office.

Travel & Accommodation

Churchill College, Cambridge, Storey’s Way, CB3 0DS

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If you want to be one of the amazing people supporting BoS Conf In-Person in Cambridge, UK get in touch and one of our team will discuss the wonderful supporter packages we have on offer.

Learn how great SaaS & software companies are run

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