Online Conferencing in 2022

“I think I might prefer online networking… The conversations get straight to the point.”

Tim Burgess, Founder, SheildGEO

This year, a series of one day online BoS Conferences will run in addition to our in-person events. These will be exclusively online. The in-person ones will be exclusively in-person.

We have yet to find a hybrid solution that actually works well and gives those in the room and those online positive experiences.

So let’s take a quick look into what BoS Conf Online looks like in 2022:

  • Each Conf will be a one day event of interactive talks, networking and breakout discussions
    We learnt last year that these things work well so lets stick to giving you the great content you enjoy.
  • Talks will be short and sharp
    This allows more time for Q&A, more time for networking, and more chances for you to get up and stretch your legs – we want you to look after yourself.
  • Take part in more conversations, for less
    We know that online conferences are valuable and one thing that you have told us is you know a fair price when you see one, and you value spending time with other people who are just as serious about learning and sharing ideas. We want to encourage the conversation across the community across the year and so have priced attendance at all online conferences for just $215* per session – your accountant is going to love us!
  • There will be not just two online BoS Confs, but SIX
    To maximise your learning experience you will now be able to attend up to six days of online conferencing over the course of the year. These will be on:

If you have any questions about any of our 2022 BoS Confs, drop us an email and let’s chat.

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  • BoS Conf Online Bundle - 6
    Original price was: $2,970.00.Current price is: $1,290.00.

*When you prebook a bundle of six online confs.

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