Intimate. Honest. Friendly.

The 11th Business of Software Conference.

A conference that does things differently. You and your team leave with your brains supercharged with two and a half days of exceptional, actionable, ideas to grow better software companies – and enjoy life more.

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Natalie Nagele

CEO, co-Founder, Wildbit

Natalie Nagele joined Wildbit in 2004 and, as CEO, focuses on direction, culture, and team happiness at Wildbit.

Seth Godin


Seth Godin writes about the post-industrial revolution, the way ideas spread, marketing, quitting, leadership and most of all, changing everything.

Joshua Seiden

Author, Sense and Respond

Josh Seiden is a designer, author, coach, and product leader with deep experience creating digital products and services within product businesses, consultancies and now on his own.

Business of Software Conference 2017

Why should I come to Business of Software Conference USA 2017?

  • The experience: A conference deliberately capped at 300 friendly attendees to allow for better networking and fulfilment of personal goals.
  • Learn and discover new ideas: A carefully curated speaker line up, sharing hard earned experience on ways to run your business more effectively.
  • Get actionable, practical advice: To be applied to make you a better leader, in a better business, with better software.
  • Work on, not in, your business: A chance to get out of your business and re-evaluate what you are doing, and where you are going.
  • Leave inspired: And afterwards, belong to a global community of people who care about building great software.

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'Simply the best software conference'

Tobias Lutke, CEO, Shopify

'My favourite conference'

Dharmesh Shah, CEO, Hubspot

‘First time I've been in a room where everyone is totally focused on growing a company, not looking for the next big thing.’

Chris Savage, CEO, Wistia