Joe Leech: Managing Your Internal and External Board

Joe will discuss why managing an effective external board for your organisation starts with understanding and managing your own internal board.

Your mind has a number of relatively discrete and often conflicting subpersonalities affecting how you come to decisions. The strongest personalities change in the moment. Understanding which personality is speaking and the history that informs them, helps you to understand why they give the advice they do.

You can learn to manage your mind, the voices you amplify and control in different contexts. The same is true for external boards – each member comes with unique history and perspective. Joe will share how understanding your inner board allows you to manage your board’s voices, amplify the right voices at the right time and know when you need to find new input.

Mr Joe Leech Transitions

Joe Leech

Founder, Mr Joe

Joe is a trusted adviser and coach to CEOs of start-ups, high growth tech and Fortune / FTSE 100 companies.
A recovering neuroscientist, then a spell as an elementary school teacher, from UX research, to design, to product management then to product and business strategy. 

Joe is also the author of a book on psychology, and has has a background in Neuroscience and Psychology. Joe brings 15 years in tech, $20b in revenue, experience with 30+ startups & FTSE / Fortune 100 giants.

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