Jason Cohen

Jason has  built four software startups, both bootstrapped and funded, both alone and with co-founders. All of them grew to more than $1m annual revenue.He sold two, and currently serves as CTO of the fourth, WPEngine, with 380 employees headquartered in Austin, Texas.  More recently, he has also been an angel investor and was a founding member of Capital Factory, an Austin incubator and co-working space. He writes about software and startups at ASmartBear.

Talks by Jason Cohen

Building your Permanent Defensible StrategyOctober 2023
Healthy, Wealthy, & WiseSeptember 2017
Why Data, Statistics and Numbers Can Make You do the Wrong ThingSeptember 2012
Creating ‘Naked Businesses’September 2011
Working Out When to Break the Rules & Ignore AdviceSeptember 2010

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