Mikey Trafton: Finding Your Super Powers

Super powers are the unique abilities we have used all our lives to excel where others have struggled.

The more we use our super powers, the more energized we feel and the better the results we achieve. Conversely, when we are deprived of using our super powers, we feel drained and miserable. But most of us don’t know what our super powers actually are. In this talk, three-time BoS speaker Mikey Trafton will share his recipe for identifying your own super powers and organizing your company to maximize the opportunities to use them.

Mikey Trafton

Founder CEO

Mikey is an entrepreneur from Austin, Texas currently working on a stealth startup coming to cinemas near you soon. Previously, he was CTO and Chief Brand Officer at Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas and founded, run and sold multiple tech companies. He’s most proud of Blue Fish Group, a consulting firm providing custom software solutions to Fortune 500 companies like Southwest Airlines, Wells Fargo, and Bausch+Lomb.

A serial entrepreneur, Mikey is an expert in building high-performance teams with amazing cultures. He has a passion for helping entrepreneurs through mentoring, coaching, and investing.

A regular attendee at Business of Software Conference, he is also one of the most gifted communicators you may not have heard of. He has spoken on, ‘How to Build a World Class Culture in 3 Easy Steps’, ‘Recruiting a Badass Team’ and ‘How to Manage Your Badass Team

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