Mikey Trafton

Mikey Trafton
Mikey Trafton

Michael ‘Mikey’ Trafton is an entrepreneur from Austin, Texas. He currently leads technology initiatives at Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas, that uses technology to help it be the coolest movie theater in the world according to Wired.

A serial entrepreneur, Mikey is an expert in building high-performance teams with amazing cultures. Prior to joining the Alamo, Mikey ran technology companies in the IT Services, Real Estate, and Healthcare IT industries. He is most proud of Blue Fish Development Group, a software consulting firm providing custom software solutions to Fortune 500 companies like Southwest Airlines, Wells Fargo, and Bausch + Lomb. A few years ago, Mikey turned Blue Fish over to his amazing team, and they are still running it (and kicking ass) today.

Talks by Mikey Trafton

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