Bob Moesta: Applications of JTBD Across Your Business

Bob will set the scene for the conference by discussing some of the ways JTBD is being applied as a tool to understand what stakeholders are trying to achieve and how you can help them with their goals.

Customers, prospects and employees all engage with your company to meet their own objectives. Sharing examples from product, sales, marketing and hiring, Bob will show you how JTBD helps you define what they’re trying to achieve and help them make the progress they desire. Whether you want to hire and retain better talent, build and scale a more effective sales operation or deliver profitable products people will buy, you will understand your next steps.

Bob will also be leading a breakout discussion wit Paulina Masson.

Bob Moesta

Bob Moesta

Founder, ReWired Group

Bob is a founder, maker, innovator, speaker, and now a professor. Pioneer of Jobs to be Done theory, an expert on creating, developing, and launching new products and services.

His work with tech companies such as Intercom, Basecamp and many more has helped adapt the Jobs to be Done theory to technology products.

Bob has been one of the principal architects of Jobs to be Done in the mid-90s along with Harvard Business School Professor Clayton Christensen, and has continued to develop and apply the innovation framework to everyday business challenges.

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