Breakout Sessions: Discuss, learn, meet

Live Action Facetime

At BoS, you get time to spend with smart people sharing ideas and challenges together, the speakers aren’t hidden away in a room. They want to spend time with attendees, learning from you and helping where they can. You are very likely to sit next to them at meals. This year, we want to make it even easier to spend time with them and make sure you get talking right away.

These breakout session will allow you to spend time with speakers and other experts in small round table discussions where you will be able to share your challenge, ask your question or find out how to get started on that thing you have been meaning to do but don’t know where to start.

There will be two rounds of breakouts – so don’t worry if you want to go to more than one!

Intimate and Personal Round Table Discussions

We will run two 30 minute round tables where you can spend time with speakers and other experts to get your problem solving juices going. Tables will be limited to 12 people to allow you to meet a group of likeminded people and spend some quality time digging into the things you really care about.

Speaker/ExpertTalk or Session Topic
Katherine Thompson, Bob Moesta, The Re-Wired GroupJTBD Hiring and Careers
Elizabeth O’Neill, Founder ConnectFounder Energy and Team Energy
April Dunford, Ambient StrategyHow to Tell a Story that Sells
Chris Savage, WistiaCompany Life After Investors
Christopher Moore, Quiet LightWhat Makes a Business an Attractive Acquisition?
William Spruill, Global Data ConsortiumLeadership Lessons from Growth & Exit
Patrick Campbell, PaddlePricing, Retention, & Growth Strategies That Work
Amir Salihefendic, DoistAsynchronous Communication Means Better Work
Adrienne Barnes, Best Buyer PersonaJobs to be Done Interviews 101
Asia Orangio, DemandMavenHow to design a growth plan that works
Mikey Trafton, Metro CinemaFinding Your Super Powers
Nick Francis, Help ScoutDesigning a Company for Profit and Purpose

Don’t panic if you have come to BoS just to spend time with one speaker and find that their first session is full. There will be another chance and we will make sure you are prioritized next time round. Even if we find that one table is very oversubscribed, rest assured, our team will make a point of making sure you get to meet the people you want to over the meal breaks. That’s all part of the BoS difference.

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