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Churchill College, University of Cambridge, Storey’s Way, Cambridge, CB3 0DS

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Churchill College is one of Cambridge University’s newest colleges. Situated on the North West side of Cambridge, the College is set in beautiful grounds and has a fascinating history, housing the Winston Churchill Archives. As well as its onsite cafe and bar it is staffed, as is traditional in Cambridge, by College Porters – friendly people in bowler hats who help with anything from booking a cab to organising a punting trip.

Getting There

🚂 Trains

Trains from London Kings Cross and Liverpool Street Station in London run every half hour or so.

(NB: Cambridge has two stations – Cambridge and Cambridge North – and although there are some wonderful businesses around Cambridge North, it is much further from the venue)

✈️ Planes

  • Stansted Airport is the closest airport. You can travel by train to Cambridge which takes approximately 35 minutes. Alternatively, a taxi takes about the same time and costs approximately £70 – local cab info.
  • Heathrow Airport is the closest intercontinental airport. Travel by train to Cambridge will take about two and a half hours and involve crossing London by Tube. A taxi takes about 90 minutes and costs approximately £140 – local cab info.
  • Gatwick Airport is also an intercontinental hub but is on the other side of London. You can travel by train between Gatwick and Cambridge taking approximately 2 hours. Cars are about the same time and cost approximately £150 – local cab info.
  • Cambridge Airport has no commercial flights but you can charter a flight – if you really wanted that VIP/not-having-to-share-an-armrest-with-a-stranger-feeling. 

🚕 🛴 🚌 Buses, taxis, scooters

  • The city has plenty of buses, taxis, and eScooters for you to get around with ease should you need them.

(NB: The city centre can get very congested during peak times and we suggest you take this into consideration when booking your accommodation. Staying on-site at Churchill College is our recommended option with just a pleasant stroll across the quad).

🚗 Automobiles

  • There is free parking at Churchill for conference attendees. This is first come, first served and we are unable to reserve any spaces. More information and a map of the parking options at the college can be found here.

Staying There

As Churchill College can offer rooms from as little as £88 per night, we encourage you to book into the on-site accommodation (external booking site). As this is a functional college as well as a conference venue, rooms are not always available so book sooner rather than later as we cannot hold rooms. 

Our personal recommendation are the en-suite rooms in the Cowan Court building; these are much sought after so you’ll have to book fast!

Alternatively, there are a wealth of hotels in the city centre if you do want to have a little more separation between Conf-ing and sleeping or if you are wanting to extend your stay.

Two alternative hotels in Cambridge are:

University Arms Marriott Hotel

Distance to Churchill College:
🚶🏻 30 mins // 🚖: 15 mins

Approx: £250 per night

Graduate Cambridge

Distance to Churchill College:
🚶🏻 25 mins // 🚖 10 mins

Approx: £195 per night

Note: these are in in the city centre and roads in and out of the city can get very congested at peak times.

We want you to feel fully immersed and at home when you’re at a BoS, and as Cambridge is our home we hope you’ll feel like you’re visiting an old friend when you come to us.

If you have any questions about getting to/around the city, get in touch with Kirk.

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