BoS Bytes

BoS Bytes: 3 Things to Make You Smarter

There’s a ton of terrible content out there. Three golden nuggets I guarantee are worth your time.

📃 How LLMs Work, Explained Without Math

  • I’m someone who tends to get lost when I see math equations despite having a famous mathematical uncle who came up with Littlewood’s Law of Everyday Miracles. However, this article does an excellent job of explaining how LLMs work in simple language, without jargon or intimidating math formulas.

📃 Know Your Customers Jobs to be Done

  • There are countless books, videos, and articles on Jobs to be Done (JTBD), but for me, none provide a deeper understanding of the concept than this article – and the milkshake video.

🎥 The Secret Science of Perfect Spacing

  • We think that content is all that matters – on our website, newsletters, and lay-outs. But who would’ve thought that as simple as spacing would play an important part too?
  • “Spacing is what gives UI’s that “oddly satisfying” feel when done right, and that “something’s off” feeling when it’s done poorly.”

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