More great speakers join Business of Software 2022 conferences

Joining our fabulous four already confirmed speakers this year, are SIX more great sessions with stories to tell and discussions to start.

  1. Roan Lavery, CEO & Co-Founder, FreeAgent In-Person Cambridge, UK 4-5 April
  2. Saielle DaSilva, Head UX, Cazoo In-Person Cambridge, UK 4-5 April
  3. Joe Leech, Psychologist, mrJoe Online 9 March
  4. Ruth Everard, CEO, DragonMobility Online 9 March
  5. Gareth Marlow, Founder, EQSystems Online 9 March
  6. Saielle DaSilva, Head UX, Cazoo Online 9 March

Roan Lavery CEO & Co-Founder, FreeAgent

Europe 4-5 April, Cambridge, UK
Keeping yourself and your team motivated for the longterm

Roan will share what he has learned about personal growth, development, and learning in an entrepreneurial journey that has gone from three co-founders who hated the idea of running a company of 50 people, to 270 people today.

Saielle DaSilva

Saielle DaSilva, Head UX, Cazoo

Online 9 March 2022
Cheat Sheet for Hiring for Culture at Scale

Discover how you can build and scale a product culture with a single document from a someone who’s done it for a startup that grew to over two thousand people in three years.

Gareth Marlow, Founder, EQSystems

Online 9 March 2022
Hard Questions

Growth comes with costs and it is easy to avoid the conversations you know you need to have. This session will allow you to share some of your challenges in a welcoming, safe and helpful environment while offering you some practical steps to solving the problems.

Ruth Everard, Managing Director, DragonMobility

Online 9 March 2022
How My World Improved When Everyone was at Home

Ruth will discuss how the pandemic has affected DragonMobility she runs and some of the opportunities and changes that have taken place in the wider world that have opened up new opportunities.

Mr Joe Leech Transitions

Joe Leech, Psychologist, mrJoe

Online 9 March 2022
Founder Identity and Exits

Any entrepreneur that has exited will say that the process was not what they expected. While the process of selling a company for maximum value is one thing, this session will consider the emotional and personal aspects of a company sale.

Saielle DaSilva

Saielle DaSilva, Head UX, Cazoo

Europe 4-5 April, Cambridge, UK
How to Hack the Culture Stack

Using the culture stack as a model, Saielle will show how you can take a lean approach to moulding the interrelated behaviours, systems and beliefs of an organisation to set standards, cultivate and distribute leadership.