🚨 2022 Speaker announcement 🚨

The first of our whopping 40+ speakers this year has been confirmed!

We know that one of the reasons some of you may be holding back from signing up to Business of Software conferences this year is not knowing who you are going to be learning from. You want to make sure that you have time to do your homework, learn up on people, and prepare your questions before you’re in the room with them.

So here is our first speakers of 2022 and a few of the wonderful and smart folk leading some of the breakout sessions online.

Brennan Dunn, CEO & Co-Founder, RightMessage

Europe 4-5 April, Cambridge, UK
Scaling Relevance: to Infinity and Beyond

Brennan Dunn is an email and personalisation geek. For the last few years he’s focused on delivering on the promise that just about every marketing company makes: sending the right message, to the right people, at exactly the right time.

Elizabeth O’Neill, Founder, Elizabeth O’Neill Consulting

Online 9 March 2022
Facing Up to Founder Burnout

Elizabeth is an expert in helping founders and their teams get aligned and positioned for growth. As a People & Culture consultant and Executive Coach for early stage startups, she’s on a mission to make the startup experience feel more human.

Elizabeth will help you understand the context of your burnout and take the steps you need to address it successfully.

Paul Kenny, Founder, Ocean Learning

Online 9 March 2022
Thinking Through Your Sales Challenges

Paul Kenny has been a regular attendee at Business of Software Conference since it started in 2007 and has spoken several times before. For good reason.

If you want to know how you can build a more effective sales team and process, this is a must attend.

Adrienne Barnes, Founder, Best Buyer Persona

Online 9 March 2022
How to Talk to Customers

Adrienne helps SaaS companies define their best buyers using the Jobs-To-Be-Done framework.

In this session, we will discuss approaches that will not only help you ask the right questions to inform your product and marketing decisions, they will help your customers make progress too.