Saielle DaSilva: Cheat Sheet for Hiring for Culture

Discover how you can build and scale a product culture with a single document from a someone who’s done it for a startup that grew to over two thousand people in three years.

In this discussion session, Saielle will answer questions and share tips and tricks to get really good at hiring and scaling a product team. She will also share the template she developed at Cazoo that you can take away and use for approaching effective hiring in your own organisation.

You will learn to maintain your company culture as you hire at scale across teams and how you can help your teams hire consistently and effectively as your company grows and more people become involved in the hiring and onboarding process.

Saielle DaSilva

Head UX, Cazoo

Saielle’s approach to org design was informed by her time as a volunteer in the wake of hurricane Sandy in October 2012. In the midst of a catastrophic event, volunteers had to act fast to help people, save lives, and transform chaos into effective response. A few activists were able to organize mutual aid, provide deep coverage of actual events, and feed people long before established organisations.

Saielle’s worked with AT&T, Amazon, and Pivotal and is now Head of User Experience at Cazoo; where her experience of hiring and building culture at scale has been adopted by a company that has grown from startup in 2018 to over 2,000 employees today.

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