The First Fall 2021 Sessions Revealed

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NEW Sessions to Look Forward to

Continuous Discovery Habits with Teresa Torres

Teresa’s new book, explains how product teams can adopt the habits and practices of continuous discovery. In this exclusive new talk, Teresa will challenge you to think about your own organization and how you can change your mindset to make continuous discovery a core part of your company operating system. Find out more.

Thinking Through Sales Challenges with Paul Kenny

In this open discussion and Q&A about making the dark art of sales feel less murky, Paul shares some insights into what motivates people and is here to help you with your current challenges; Whether its moving from founder-led sales to building a sales team, or building effective teams across the globe he has seen it all. Find out more.

International Launch & Growth with Chui Chui Tan. 

In an interactive case study and Q&A, you will learn some of the key things you need to get right to grow into new markets and point you towards useful resources to prepare for successful launches in new markets. Find out more.

Hiring & Scaling Culture with Saielle Montgomery

Act fast, provide help. These are the two driving forces that transform chaos into effective response. When your company is growing and scaling faster or bigger than you expected you need to think fast and act fast.
 Join Saielle in this breakout session where she will talk you through how you can maintain your company culture as you hire at scale across teams, and how you can help your teams hire consistently and effectively as your company grows. Find out more.

Identify & Fix Disharmony in Teams with Gareth Marlow 

Over two breakout sessions, Gareth will discuss how to identify and approach some of the common causes of misalignment and disharmony in your team using the approaches discussed in the first session. He will help you work through your own issues in an open and, unrecorded, Q&A. Find out more.

Share Your Vision Effectively with Radhika Dutt

Changing the world has come to be seen as the preserve of visionaries such as Steve Jobs or Elon Musk. For the rest of us, being a visionary seems largely out of reach. Challenge this idea with inspiring stories of what it means to be a visionary in this breakout session. Consider how each and every one of us can change the world, methodically and in a repeatable manner. Find out more.

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