Announcing 5 Speakers for BoS USA 2018

Business of Software Conference USA 2018 is now less than 3 months away.

And as such, we’ve got 5 new speakers to tell you about. Some familiar names and some new ones to the stage. Bob ‘JTBD’ Moesta, Bethany Pagels-Minor, Shawn Anderson, Shane Corellian, and Peldi Guilizzoni will be speaking in Boston.

Here’s why.

Bob Moesta

Name: Bob Moesta
Position: CEO, The Re-Wired Group
Talk Title: The 5 Disciplines of an Innovator

Bob Moesta is one of the early proponents of Jobs-To-Be-Done, a framework that helps you to discover why your customers buy (or don’t buy) your products. He spoke previously at BoS USA back in 2013 about how to interview customers to properly what they really want – one of the most influential BoS Videos of all time. This year, Bob takes JTBD to another level with his talk, The 5 Disciplines of an Innovator. He is also running a half day Switch Workshop on Wednesday – more on all the workshops next week.


Bethany Pagels-Minor

Name: Bethany Pagels-Minor
Position: Senior Product Manager, TBA
Talk Title: The Many Flavours of Agile

Bethany Pagels-Minor is an experienced Product Manager and devoted agilist. Until recently, they were a Senior Product Manager at Sprout Social but Bethany is leaving Chicago and heading west to a company you will definitely have heard of, maybe even dream about. Watch this space. This October for her debut BoS talk, Bethany will be speaking about The Many Flavours of Agile and how to pick the right one for your team.

Names: Shawn Anderson & Shane Corellian
Position: Co-founders,
Talk Title: Alternative Marketing or “Oops, I did a marketing”

If you’ve attended a Business of Software Conference before, the next two gentlemen may look familiar. Shawn Anderson and Shane Corellian are identical twin brothers and co-founders of Having attended their first BoS in 2008, they’ve returned pretty much every year since. Shawn claims that he can trace PDQ’s growth and financial success to “things learned directly at Business of Software”. Speaking for the first time this year, Shawn & Shane are teaming up to share what 2 founders who despise marketing have learned while running their company in the wonderfully titled Alternative Marketing or “Oops, I did a marketing”.


Peldi Guilizzoni

Name: Giacomo ‘Peldi’ Guilizzoni
Position: Founder/CEO, Balsamiq
Talk Title: The Balsamiq Story – Part 5

Giacomo ‘Peldi’ Guilizzoni is the Founder & CEO of Balsamiq – makers of rapid, effective, and fun wireframing software. If you’ve been to Business of Software Conference before, you’ll know Peldi. He’s been attending since it started and has spoken 4 times – giving us a unique behind-the-scenes look at the growth of Balsamiq from a one-man project to a scaling software company of 25 at his most recent talk at Europe 2017. Balsamiq is now 10 years old, with 31 remote employees. We’re looking forward to the latest instalment of the Balsamiq story from Peldi this year. I try hard not to bring the same speakers back every year, it feels like I should be bringing more perspectives into the event but, in the case of Peldi and a few others, the combination of incredible honesty, insight, openness and actionable ideas has meant that he is consistently the person that people have asked to bring back. If you have found his previous talks useful, wait for this year…


Expect the announcements to come thick and fast – we’ve got more speakers to announce next week too. Be sure to sign up for our Newsletter below to be the first to know.

Ticket prices for BoS USA 18 will be going up on Saturday 14th July – be sure to save your place before then to ensure you get the best deal. Group rates are also available.

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