Shane Corellian

Co-Founder, PDQ

Shane is the co-founder of, a software toolset used by Windows system administrators. He is a self-professed Systems Management junkie and has, possibly, the most magnificent beard you’ve ever seen. (formerly Admin Arsenal) came into existence after the founders spent their professional lives supporting IBM Tivoli Framework and Microsoft SCCM for very large organizations (10,000+ systems). After supporting the big boys for so many years, the founders decided to take a different road and they created a systems management solution for the SMB market.

Thus were born PDQ Deploy and PDQ Inventory. Simple products that install quickly, save IT admins a ton of time, and just work. PDQ Deploy and PDQ Inventory have quickly spread across the globe. Over 200,000 organizations have used the free versions, and over 18,000 of those have moved to the enterprise level.

Alternative Marketing or “Oops, I did a marketing”

How does a bootstrapped software company effectively market especially when its founders despise (and, in fact, suck at) sales and marketing? The answer for finally came, in part, from Charles Bukowski: Don’t Try. The founders just started doing what they loved: Talking tech. They offered solutions and suggestions for Sys Admins via content in blogs, KB’s, videos and webcasts. The content was created for people, not algorithms. In this talk, Shawn and Shane will share some ideas that worked and some that didn’t. You will be left with actionable ideas that make you stand out from the crowd.