Brianna Wu: 9 Ways to Stop Hurting and Start Helping Women in Tech

The things that push women out of the industry are not Mad Men moments. More often than not, they’re actions by well intentioned people that do not understand the consequences of their actions. Brianna Wu, a software engineer for Giant Spacekat, breaks the problem down in a straightforward manner with concrete action items to take.

Brianna Wu, Giant Spacekat
Brianna Wu

Brianna Wu

Brianna Wu is head of development at Giant Spacekat, a company specializing in cinematic experiences using the Unreal Engine.

She’s also host of the Isometric podcast on 5by5. She’s known a a frequent speaker on women in tech issues, and is an advocate for increased diversity in the games industry. In the past, she’s also worked as a politico and an investigative reporter.

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