Tony Ulwick: The ‘JTBD Needs’ Framework

Tony shares how his JTBD Needs Framework can be used as a tool to help product teams plot out the best way to apply Job Theory and Outcome-Driven Innovation to achieve a variety of business goals, including product, customer journey, CX, and go-to-market strategy, market validation, concept testing, sales and marketing, organizational design, process improvement and beyond. 

You will learn what customer types to target and what customer insights are required to successfully address many varied and difficult challenges. This will help you put Jobs Theory into practice at scale and grow the value of your company.


Tony Ulwick

Founder, Strategyn

Tony Ulwick is one of the main pioneers of Jobs to be Done theory and inventor of the Outcome-Driven Innovation® (ODI) process.

Tony founded the strategy and innovation consulting firm Strategyn in 1991 after 10 years at IBM. At Strategyn, he’s worked with Fortune 100 companies (including Microsoft), SMEs, government agencies, and startups to help create successful products and services across 30 industries.

You can see his previous Business of Software Conference talk, Customer Centered Innovation here.

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