Chris Savage

Chris Savage
Chris Savage

Chris Savage is CEO & co-founder of Wistia, the best video hosting platform we know. (BoS opinion, not Press Release).

Armed only with a degree in Art-Semiotics and his experience editing and producing an Emmy Award winning documentary as a recent college grad, Chris and co-founder, Brendan Schwartz, started Wistia in 2006. They raised some angel funding in the early days and since then, have consciously grown a profitable, long term, business that customers and employees love. Wistia now employs over 100 people in its Boston HQ and is focused on building a business for the long term.

Talks by Chris Savage

Growing And Scaling Without The Hassle Of HustleSeptember 2017
The Three Mistakes that Defined Our CompanySeptember 2014

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