Chris Savage: Company Life After Investors

Best friends Chris Savage and Brendan Schwartz founded Wistia in 2006 with backing from angel investors. In 2017, having considered options including selling the business or raising venture capital, Wistia raised $17.3 million dollars in debt to buy out the investors and refocus on growing profitably and sustainably for the long term.

Chris will discuss how the company has developed in the five years since. While the deal gave the team freedom, confidence, and ability to invest in providing value to Wistia’s customers, it has been far from plain sailing. And of course, there was the pandemic…

He will share how his thinking on company strategy, growth, product and people have been turned upside down in a compelling, honest and open discussion about how things changed.

Chris Savage

Co-founder & CEO, Wistia

Chris is the co-founder and CEO of Wistia. Prior to co-founding Wistia, Chris graduated from Brown University with a BA in Arts-Semiotics and was a winner of the Weston Fine Arts award for excellence in filmmaking. Today, he loves spending time with his family, getting super caffeinated with cold brew coffee, and working to make Wistia the best it can be with his friend, Brendan.

Chris is a regular BoS attendee and spoke in 2014 – The Three Mistakes that Defined Our Company – and 2017 – Growing And Scaling Without The Hassle Of Hustle.

You can see his previous talks, (hosted on Wistia like all BoS videos), hangouts and podcasts here.

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