BoSFAQ: Hiring Outside Your Network and Hiring Remote

#BoSFAQ – Your questions answered by our expert speakers

BoSFAQ: Hiring Outside Your Network and Hiring Remote

We like to help all our followers with a full compliment of educational and insightful talks from our previous Business of Software conferences.

With over 200 talks to watch – for free – there is something for everyone; the first step is knowing your problem. That’s where #BoSFAQ comes in. Here we answer your questions, with the help of our expert speakers.

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This week we’ve been asked:

Q| How do we ‘Cold Hire’ and find out more about Remote Hiring?

We have dipped our toes in the water hiring contractors and 1 FTE, but our biggest challenge is that this has all been done through personal networks – we have never hired “cold”, so we are looking at how we do that well.

Additionally we want to run the company as remote-first, but we’re keen to learn from others about what challenges that might present with regards to hiring, developing and retaining staff.

A | With regards to ‘growing up’ as a company, hiring and remote working, here are a few talks you might like to start you off.

Coding is the Easy Part // Peldi Guilizzoni, Balsamiq

Some thoughts on the transition from being a small one-person lifestyle business to one that has customers and a responsibility to look after them.

Hiring the Best Talent // Bridget Harris, Co-Founder & CEO YouCanBook.Me

Who you hire will make the biggest difference to your business; Bridget knows this first hand, and wants to help you make sure you hire the right people for your business.

Hiring at Scale // Patrick McKenzie (aka @patio11), Stripe

As applicable to hiring at micro-scale as macro I think.

Recruiting a Badass Team // Mikey Trafton, CTO, Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas

How to find and hire the people that are right for YOU. If you want the best team you need to hire the best – but what’s in it for them.  Clarity and upfront honesty is a must for a badass team to do badass work.

Building Operating Cadence with Remote Teams // Wade Foster, CEO & Co-Founder, Zapier

Wade runs Zapier, now over 300 people and fully remote. This talk is filled with great ideas about hiring, organizing and how they run meetings effectively. The thorough Q&A session at the end of the talk is full of insights from someone who lives and breathes remote working and loves what they do.

We hope this helps and do let us know which ones were most useful!

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