Tessa Clarke: On a Mission to Change the World

Tessa will discuss some of the lessons she has learned in creating and building a tech company that combines a worthy goal, contributing to making the world more sustainable, with a successful, sustainable and rapidly growing busines.

Already an accomplished executive, she became an entrepreneur with a mission – to turn our throwaway world into a giveaway world.

She will talk about the challenges of developing a business model and scaling a community facing, remote-first organisation that was fifth on the list of ‘top 100 businesses to work for in 2021’ and has attracted significant venture funding.

Tessa Clarke

CEO & Co-Founder, OLIO

Tessa is a farmer’s daughter from Yorkshire, who spent her weekends and evenings helping her parents bailing hay and milking cows. After graduating from Cambridge, Tessa began her professional career as a strategy consultant with BCG and then went on to spend 7 years with EMAP, breaking for 2 years to attend Stanford Graduate School of Business, where she met Saasha her co-founder.

She was Global MD Digital, CRM and ecommerce at Dyson for 4 years. Prior to founding OLIO in early 2016, Tessa was the MD of Wonga UK, responsible of leading its turnaround.

OLIO is a food sharing app with 5 million users who have already had an environmental impact equivalent to taking 80 million car miles off the road.

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