Sally Foote: Make Your Own Magic Goggles

Predicting the future is hard. but predicting the future is something managers of teams, products or businesses are asked to do every single day. When is going to happen? How long will it take? What will the effect be? What will customers think? How will your team react?

The good news is that while we might not be able to predict exactly how our team members will behave, we can absolutely work out, every day, whether our teams are going to succeed or fail. Once we know that, we can take action to help them when we need to.

Sally, will explain how you can build yourself a pair of β€˜magic’ goggles that will help you see into the future. She will share case studies from her own experiences and from companies you will have heard of, to help you understand whether your team will succeed or fail and how you can see your way to their success.




Sally Foote

Managing Director, carwow

Sally has been part of the team behind digital product launches at the Guardian, Times, Sunday Times paywall, BT Sport, Photobox, GoCompare and carwow.

She has a product background and now leads commercial operations at carwow. She loves working at the strategic execution level – creating business visions and goals and translating these into executable products that deliver tangible value for organisations and their customers.

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