Alan Klement: JTBD and Growth

Businesses usually want growth. One revelation of JTBD theory is you cannot just think about product, you have to think about your entire offering.

When buyers are shopping, they’re considering messaging, branding, features, price – all of it together. So when you’re designing your next product offering, you have to test all of them together. Alan will show how you can approach this complex challenge by breaking the problem down and designing meaningful experiments to test your hypotheses and assumptions across the organisation so that your growth can be more predictable. He will draw on real examples including Apple and Lego to demonstrate how to get better results and think about how to optimise for current customers and invent for the future.

Breakout Session Growth and JTBD Live Case Study

Using a live case study example Alan will show how you can present and position your website and customer messaging more effectively using the lens of the jobs your customers want to hire you for. He will ask questions about the company – what it does, who it works with, how it helps customers – then, on the live company website, consider the website messaging and offer suggestions about how your messaging could be presented more effectively with the customer in mind.

You will learn:

  • How JTBD can inform your messaging and address the needs and fears of customers and prospects early.
  • How the goals you have set for your website can be achieved successfully, predictably and repeatedly to drive growth in your own organisation.

Alan Klement

Founder, Revealed

Alan has dedicated himself to making predictions on which growth strategies will and won’t work, and creating alignment via a shared language of growth.

His background is in product and growth, working in startups big and small for 15 years. He founded Revealed, a product, growth, and go-to-market strategy firm, in 2015. He works with clients including Twitter, Google, Pipedrive, Asana, American Express, Lego, Arlo, Hubspot, Netgear, Dreem, and Backless Basics.

He’s the author of ‘When Coffee and Kale Compete’ and is currently writing a second book on JTBD, ‘Jobs to be Done. Understanding Needs. Predicting Adoption.

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