Ruth Everard: How My World Improved When Everyone was at Home

DragonMobility is a social enterprise that provides wheelchairs with superpowers for severely disabled children. How did a life enhancing and vital service providing packages of high tech hardware and software to consumers adapt to a world where engineers could not visit their customers? She will share some observations on the positives of remote working for herself and how the past two years have created opportunities for new ways of working and thinking.

Ruth will discuss how the pandemic has affected DragonMobility she runs and some of the opportunities and changes that have taken place in the wider world that have opened up new opportunities.

Ruth Everard

Managing Director, Dragon Mobility

Ruth has a law degree from Oxford University and trained as a solicitor with one of the world’s largest law firms, practicing in the City in hedge funds and private equity.

It all began before she was two when her parents built a new kind of powerchair to give her the same level of mobility as other children at that stage. “From there, each developmental step was right there, throughout my childhood”. She was, ‘The Wheelchair Toddler’.

She went on to become managing director of DragonMobility, the social enterprise that gives to others the specialist powerchairs which made it all possible for her and now runs this alongside her other career as a mediator.

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