Elizabeth O’Neill: Founder Energy and Team Energy

Founders (and their energy) have an outsized impact on their teams but anyone can bring an entire team up or down with the energy they bring to their interactions. People’s energy gradually syncs which affects team performance.

Elizabeth explains some of the levels of energy people have, from the lowest where you can feel stuck, burnt out and judged through to the highest, most creative & visionary. People will experience different levels in different situations and none are all good or bad. You will be challenged to identify situations you’ve experienced where a different energy could have been more helpful for you and your team. You will also learn some habits to help you manage yourself and your team to perform more sustainably and effectively.


Elizabeth O’Neill

Founder, Elizabeth O’Neill Consulting

Elizabeth is an expert in helping founders and their teams get aligned and positioned for growth. As a People & Culture consultant and Executive Coach for early stage startups, she’s on a mission to make the startup experience feel more human.

With twenty years of experience working with leaders and teams, she’s found that the secret to creating a sustainable culture is having just the right amount of process, being unapologetic about your values, and knowing yourself and your people. She holds her BA in Psychology from the University of Chicago, a MSW from Columbia University, and is an iPEC-certified coach. You can follow her on her Medium at Founder Connect.

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