Matt Wensing: Evolving as an Entrepreneur

Over the past couple of years, Matt, a committed bootstrapper, focused on building the product and growth strategy for Summit, his second startup. 

Matt came to realize that to build the business he wanted to create, bootstrapping was not the right path for the company or for him as an entrepreneur. This time, pursuing meaningful funding was a better route to a successful outcome.

In this BoS talk, Matt shares his thinking process, the context and the pivotal moments that led to this big decision.

Matt Wensing

Matt Wensing

Founder, EQ Systems

Matt is an expert data modeler and product builder. He’s been an entrepreneur since 2006 when he founded RiskPulse, a company offering predictive risk analysis from weather data for supply chain planning. It was acquired by DHL and private equity in 2019.

In 2018, he started a side project applying his knowledge and insight of data modelling to create a model to help entrepreneurs understand the value-drivers of SaaS businesses and shared some of his insights in a Lightning Talk at BoS 2018 – 1 Startup In 10 Years vs 1,000 Startups in 10 Minutes.

The next year, and after exiting RiskPulse, he spoke again on whether you can use data to predict your company’s success. The side project became his next thing and he pursued a bootstrapped path to building his next company.

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