Hana Abaza: Breaking Into Enterprise Customers

It’s well known that moving your user base upmarket is challenging – but it can be done. Shopify Plus was launched in 2014 to offer large & hypergrowth businesses a customizable enterprise platform without the cost of existing options. Having created and dominated the online storefront market for SMBs, this was a key part of Shopify’s strategy to build a business to last 100 years

Hana will discuss how repositioning and retooling marketing at Shopify Plus resulted in remarkable growth for the business, something that created major prioritization challenges. She will share how Covid drove a tectonic shift that forced the company to abandon roadmaps, reassess, refactor and change every part of the business. 

You will learn how positioning and prioritization are essential elements in building successful breakout products and why marketing, absolutely, at all times, has to align with company goals.

Hana Abaza

Global Head of Revenue Marketing, Shopify

Hana led marketing at Shopify Plus for four years from early 2017 before becoming their Global Head of Revenue Marketing in 2020. She joined to reinvigorate and scale the enterprise-facing operation. She led the product repositioning process and redesigned marketing and sales processes resulting in incredible growth. Prior to Shopify, Hana led marketing and growth and has a proven track record for scaling teams, revenue and customers.

She’s the perfect combination of hippie chic, tech geek and entrepreneurial hustler. Hana left Shopify in June 2022.

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