Bill Thompson: A Talk from Another Century

Talk about the misuse of AI and the dangers it could bring if not used properly, focussing attention on the wrong things. Keeping humans at the center of the technology, not to replace. 

“We are in 2107 years in the future, we are looking back in time to warn 2024 of the misuse of AI. 

We have 2 billion less of the population, water levels rose and took land, harvest and some technology away from us and not everyone survived or knew how to do everything you do in the present. 

We should have worked together more, we do now. We could have focused on the right things to use AI for rather than to help the rich stay rich and live longer. We appreciate what value people can offer rather than making them redundant.” – Mike 🙂


Bill Thompson
Bill Thompson

Bill Thompson

Technology Critic

Bill has been working in, on and around the Internet since 1984, thinking, writing and speaking about how digital technologies are changing our world and how the network can be a force for good. During the 1990’s he was Internet Ambassador for PIPEX, the UK’s first commercial ISP, where he developed websites for Comic Relief, the Edinburgh Fringe and Anne Campbell MP before moving to Guardian Newspapers as head of new media. He established the paper’s first website in 1994 and was responsible for many online projects, including in 1996.

Bill currently leads Future Value Research in BBC Research & Development. He is also well-known as a technology journalist and advisor to arts and cultural organisations on matters related to digital technologies. From January 2001 to April 2023, he was the regular studio expert on the BBC World Service technology programme Digital Planet (aka Go Digital and Click). He still appears on air as an independent commentator. He is an Adjunct Professor at Southampton University and a member of the board of the Web Science Trust. He was awarded an Honorary Doctor of Arts by Anglia Ruskin University in 2016.

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