Mark Gibson: Better B2B Sales

B2B sales is hard and in a recession it gets harder. Over 70% of buyers think that sales people bring zero value to their buying process.

In this session, Mark will explain why sales can be such a challenge for software companies, why a recession can make it even harder and what you can do to change the narrative. He will share tried and trusted steps to help you, your product and your sales team stand out from the crowd so your buyers value your product and the help you can give them.

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2-4 October USA (Raleigh, NC) | 25-26 March Europe (Cambridge, UK)

Mark Gibson Better B2B Sales

Mark Gibson

Founder, Why Change Selling?

Mark is an experienced sales leader and sales performance consultant, with more than 40 years’ experience in sales, marketing and sales enablement in Australia, Silicon Valley and the UK.

He’s worked for Prime Computer, Sun Microsystems, Informix, & MicroStrategy where he closed a $27.M OEM deal that drove the stock price to an all-time high. For the past ten years he’s worked with Zeus, Craneware, Centrify, Cloudview, Enqii and Aveva in the UK, Magic Software and Superderivatives in Israel, Vico Software, Amberoon, Trustwrx, Assemble Systems and Fortinet in the US.

Married and living in London he enjoys wine-tasting, golf and travel and is passionate about helping salespeople engage in personal development and lifelong learning.

Check out our upcoming events

2-4 October USA (Raleigh, NC) | 25-26 March Europe (Cambridge, UK)

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