Roan Lavery: How to Keep Yourself and Your Company Motivated

Are you in it for the Long Haul?

Roan is the co-founder, and since 2021, CEO of FreeAgent, a SaaS for small business accounting. It grew over 15 years – ticking every box on the financing bingo card along the way – bootstrapped, crowdfunding, IPO, VC, Angel and finally an acquisition.

Before Roan co-founded FreeAgent, the largest company he had worked in was a 4 person web agency. He started as the product person and is now CEO – and the only founder still in the business. 

Roan will share what he has learned about personal growth, development, and learning in an entrepreneurial journey that has gone from three co-founders who hated the idea of running a company of 50 people, to 270 people today.

Roan Lavery

CEO & Co-Founder, FreeAgent

Roan is CEO & co-founder of FreeAgent, a SaaS accounting company based in Edinburgh. He and his co-founders started FreeAgent as a weekend side project before building it to become a company with 130,000 SMB customers which was acquired by RBS in 2018.

Prior to FreeAgent, Roan was a physicist before working in a four person web agency. He believes in building products to solve real customer problems that are a joy to use.

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