Sales Toolkit: The Playlist

Software Pricing Demystified: Rich Mironov

Before you sell your software, you’ve got to price it right. Pricing something so intangible as software can be difficult – but Rich Mironov has some pointers to make sure you’re pricing based on the value of your product to the user.

Proven Ways To Make Software Sales: Steli Efti

“I’m not a salesperson … is NOT a valid excuse for not selling!” – that’s Steli Efti’s manifesto for this talk. Steli is one of Silicon Valley’s most renowned sales experts – soak up all you can from this talk he gave at BoS Europe 2016.

Turning Software Into Money: Paul Kenny

Paul Kenny is no stranger to the Business of Software Conference stage. A sales coach with experience working with software companies including Redgate and StackExchange, Paul has a huge amount of experience and insight to share on the process of selling your software. In this talk from BoS USA 2017, Paul talked about the important things to get right to set your company up well to turn your software into money.

Stop Selling Your Product, Start Selling Your Point Of View: April Dunford

Now you’ve started levelling up your sales talents, it’s time to flip it on its head. In this talk from BoS USA Online 2020, April Dunford encouraged the attendees to stop pitching their product in meetings. Instead, she talked about the power of pitching your point of view on the market. This subtle shift in positioning helps your product stand out from your competitors and helps prospects see the benefits of your solution.

Demand-Side Sales 101: Bob Moesta

For most of us, sales means reciting features, benefits, pressuring customers into purchasing. But there’s a better way. In this talk from BoS USA Online 2020, Bob Moesta flips Jobs-to-be-Done theory on its head and applies it to sales.

The Developer’s Guide To Running Sales Teams: Jeff Szczepanski

Now you know how to price your software, and have the tools to sell your software. The final piece of the puzzle? Running a sales team. For technical founders and software developers in general, building out the sales aspects of your business can seem like a big scary foreign mystery. Drawing on his 20 years of experience as a coder, entrepreneur, and sales leader running a team of 65 sales people at Stack Exchange, in this talk from BoS Europe 2014 Jeff shares his experiences of what happens when you think about and manage sales like you would a great development team.

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