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Jason Cohen: Building your Permanent Defensible Strategy

Jason shares his deep knowledge born out of building his own highly successful bootstrapped and venture-funded businesses and advising hundreds of others, to show how you can build a practical strategy that is right for you.

Randeep Sidhu: Life and Death Decisions

Randeep shares the story of building the app along with some of the tools, techniques and processes that he employed to make this app succeed in some of the highest pressure circumstances he’s ever worked in. He shares his experiences across private and public healthcare and the lessons he learned in managing such a high profile project to offer some practical insights and about how humans work together, or don’t, to build products with real impact.

Suresh Menon: Dancing with Elephants

Suresh explains how mature businesses approach acquisitions as part of a growth strategy, usually as an alternative to building capability in house. He discusses how an acquirer evaluates their options and approach a deal. Most important, will talk about making an acquisition work in the long term – for the acquirer and acquired team.

SigmaCorns: A New Robot Generation

Jacob and Ayush share their experiences and thoughts on this problem as they describe their journey in the world of AI, from being students at the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics to becoming researchers at a Venture backed AI startup.

Bob Moesta: Jobs-To-Be-Done in the Enterprise

Bob shows why the Jobs-To-Be-Done framework can change your company’s thinking and explain how you can use JTBD in practice in your organization.

April discusses why she thinks determining your differentiated value and making it real for customers are the two fundamental questions that help you build an effective sales story. She shares terrible and terrific examples that reveal why most sales pitches get it wrong. You’ll be walked through her approach to building a sales pitch that demonstrates your unique value and closes deals.

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Chris Mele: Investors, Pricing Science, and Optionality

Chris shares practical approaches to pricing and monetization that you can use–from startup to public company–that will allow you to optimize your revenue, profit and long-term growth.

Jamie Woolf & Christopher Bell: Using Stories to Inspire and Drive Change

Jamie shares the Pixar formula for storytelling and show how you can use current or past events with a negative emotional impact as a ‘narrative springboard’ for crafting powerful leadership stories.

And, Christopher helps you explore what stories convey, how people receive stories, and what people do with the stories we tell them. You will gain a powerful  insight into how to craft better stories.

Autobooks Case Study: What Happens if Product, Sales & Marketing Work Together?

A case study like no other. In this series of sessions we deep dived into how Autobooks retooled their business and ask the question, “What Happens if Product, Sales & Marketing Work Together?

Chris Spiek & Justin Dickow: How Autobooks Reinvented Itself

Kyle Bazzy & Derrick Sutton: Can Sales & Marketing Speak the Same Language

The Autobooks Case Study Q&A with Bill Spruill

Claire Lew: Doing More With Less

Claire shares a framework she’s developed over a decade working with over 30,000 people that will enable you to consider and prioritize the actions you can take in a resource-constrained environment that get the most results.

Lauren Kelley: Meaning in Metrics

Lauren shares insight, based on benchmarking top quartile SaaS companies, on what the metrics mean and what really matters to you. She also shows how and why the metrics top performing businesses focus on have changed in the context of current economic climate and why focusing on a single metric is generally a bad idea.

Greg Baugues: Someone Using AI Will Take Your Job

Greg shares his thoughts on why AI has huge potential to augment human activity, think Iron Man Suits, Not Terminators. He also shows you, with live and interactive demonstrations, some of the ways you can use existing AI tools to improve your work life. Today.

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