Jobs To Be Done: The Playlist

The Job Your Product Does: Professor Clayton Christensen

This is probably one of the most important talks you will ever see if you are an entrepreneur in any discipline. It was the opening talk at Business of Software Conference USA 2011. Professor Clayton Christensen talks models of disruptive innovation, what the job of your product is and explains why there will always be room for disruptive innovation and entrepreneurs in the world. Trust us, you just don’t want to miss this talk – a classic.

Customer Centred Innovation: Tony Ulwick

What are your customers trying to achieve, and how can you help them get there? Simple questions, but creating a disciplined approach to uncovering and capturing the answers is a huge step forward for your business.

How To Use JTBD To Perfect Your Product’s Messaging: Claire Suellentrop

When marketing a product, it’s common for founders to focus on the product itself. “Look at our cool features! We help you do XYZ activity, but better!” This is a recipe for getting lost in the noise. Instead, capturing your customer’s attention requires focusing on her ultimate motivation (“job to be done”), which is to transform her current life-situation into a preferred one. After this talk, you’ll understand how the ‘jobs-to-be-done’ theory helps SaaS companies create effective positioning — and a proven, step-by-step process for uncovering your best customers’ ‘job-to-be-done’.

Uncovering The Jobs To Be Done: Bob Moesta & Chris Spiek

Customers (that’s you and me, by the way) lie. Sad but true. Not maliciously, not even consciously, most customers don’t know, or won’t admit, what they want from their product. You could see this as a frustrating fact of business. Bob Moesta and Chris Spiek see it as a great opportunity to get ahead of the competition and in this excellent session they demonstrate how to unearth some deep insights into customer motivation using the Jobs to be Done framework.

Live JTBD Interview with Bob Moesta: Buying an iWatch

In his JTBD Workshop at BoS USA 2018, Bob ran through a ‘Switch’ interview with an attendee about why he bought a FitBit. A great practical guide to how to run a switch interview.

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