Hiring Top Talent: The Playlist

Hiring The Best Talent: Bridget Harris

“Who you hire will make the single biggest difference to your business” – that’s the premise Bridget Harris opens her talk from BoS USA 2017 with. As founder of a SaaS company, Bridget knows this first hand, and wants to help you make sure you hire the right people for your business.

In this talk, Bridget lays out a framework for making sure you hire the right people. Create a company that you want to work for, and aim to hire people who want similar outcomes as you – then document it, describe it, defend it, talk about it, share it, and make decisions based on it.

Finding & Nurturing Top Talent: Alex Yang & Elpie Bannister

The perfect candidate for a role in your company is out there somewhere; you may need to kiss a lot of frogs, but they do exist. But how do you attract good talent, and how do you move an applicant from initial CV submission to long term part of the company? Alex Yang and Elpie Bannister take us through Simprints’ method of finding, hiring, nurturing, and developing top talent and explain a few of the processes they had to go through to hone this skill.

Recruiting A Bad Ass Team: Mikey Trafton

In this talk from BoS USA 2013, Mikey Trafton shares some of his tips and tricks on building a world-class team that is a rock-solid culture fit and incredibly productive. Mikey explains how to attract the best talent, shares his favourite interview questions, and how to differentiate your offer from all the others that top candidates receive.

Hiring At Scale: Patrick McKenzie

Patrick McKenzie  gave a great, practical and actionable, talk about how to get better at hiring engineers at Business of Software 2015. In his view, every hiring process sucks, but it helps to think of hiring as a funnel:

  • Outreach — Creating the eco system (100 nerds)
  • Attract — Getting people to come to you (10 nerds)
  • Assess — Do they meet the requirements? (6 nerds)
  • Close — Give them an offer (Your new employee)

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