Tim Wilkinson: Making First Hire Product Managers Work

The average lifespan of a first hire Product Manager is 11 months. This is terrible for Product Manager’s and the businesses they join and then leave. What are the most common pitfalls that make this so difficult and what can founders and first hire Product Managers do to change this? 

Tim will share an approach to make first hires a success that is focused on product but contains plenty of insights for hires in other functions. He will start before the hiring process starts and then share some tried and trusted guidelines for founders and Product Managers to make the first 12 months in the role a case study in excellence. He will share some templates you will be able to use to set yourself up for better outcomes. 

Tim Wilkinson

Founder, Product Heads

Tim has developed software products for governments around the world and held senior product leadership positions in some of the UK’s fastest growing startups. 

He founded Product Heads in response to huge challenges that he saw amongst early stage SaaS companies in starting, building and training their product teams to deliver highly valuable, scalable products in the extremely competitive and pressurised world of SaaS companies including Bridebook, Glean, Gravity Sketch, Intelligens as well as organisations including Oxford University, the United Nations and the German Government.

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