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Bob Moesta & April Dunford – Strategy & Making Progress

Patrick McKenzie & Bridget Harris – Lessons in scaling a non-profit data brokerage

Teresa Torres – Continuous Discovery Habits

Bob Moesta – Developing the five skills of an entrepreneur and innovator

Matt Wensing -Evolving as an entrepreneur

Radhika Dutt – Radical approach to becoming a visionary

Patrick Campbell – Evolving company culture

Azeem Azhar – The exponential gap

Asia Orangio – Seven horrors of go-to-market

B. Pagels-Minor – How to be an ally to gender diverse communities

Eric Ries – From lean startup to long term stock exchange


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Some our session picked up on topics previously covered at BoS, we’ve shared some previous talks you might find useful background.

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Bob Moesta – Developing Five skills of an entrepreneur and innovator

Radhika Dutt – Radical approach to becoming a visionary

Matt Wensing – Evolving as. an entrepreneur

Rich Mironov – Difficult Product Discussions

Asia Orangio – Horrors of Go-To-Market

Full Schedule, Speakers, Sessions & Supporters


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