BoS Conf Fall Reading & Watching List

BoS Conf Online Fall, 27-29 September starts next week.

To get you in the mood, we’re sharing some talks from previous conferences from some of this year’s speakers, as well as a few primers on fundamentals that will help you get the most from the conference. If you cannot make it, they are well worth a watch.

If you are. Yay! They will help you prepare, get excited and think about what’s to come.

We’re also sharing our reviews of two great books that we thoroughly recommend. Both authors are speaking this year. If you’ve read the books, you will understand why – and you can.

Reading List

The Exponential Gap by Azeem Azhar

Radical Product Thinking – Radhika Dutt

And a little BoS Bonus, conference attendees will get a link to download their own eCopy of Radhika’s book before the event begins and the books is even published next week.

Watch List

Hello Ladies Patrick McKenzie
This is not Patrick McKenzie but it’s where his BoS speaking career started – Hello Ladies below.

Patrick McKenzie
Hello Ladies! Marketing to Minorities

BoS USA 2010 | 7 mins

Matt Wensing
1 Startup in 10 years vs 1,000 in 10 minutes

BoS USA 2018 | 8 mins

Radhika Dutt
Radical Product Thinking

BoS USA Online 2020 | 48 mins

Matt Wensing
Predicting you company’s success

BoS USA 2019 | 54 mins

Patrick McKenzie
Building thing to help you sell things you build

BoS USA 2013 | 55 mins

Bob Moesta
Demand-Side Sales 101

BoS USA Online 2020 | 56 mins

Bridget Harris
The buskers guide to running a tech startup

BoS Europe 2016 | 57 mins

Claire Suellentrop
How to use JTBD to perfect your product’s messageing

BoS USA 2018 | 57 mins

Teresa Torres
Shifting from managing by outputs to outcomes

BoS USA 2019 | 60 mins

Alex Osterwalder
Jobs, pains, and gains

BoS Europe 2017 | 61 mins

Bob Moesta
Five Skills of an innovator

BoS USA 2018 | 65 mins

April Dunford
Selling Point of View

BoS USA Online 2020 | 83 mins

Clayton Christensen
The job your product does

BoS USA 2011 | 90 mins