Imogen Wethered: How to Start & Sell a Software Business in a Decade

Imogen started her first company, Qudini, after leaving university and sold the business 10 years later, 2 months before Imogen’s first child was born.

She will share some of the lessons she learned along the way in a journey that started with a hackathon she attended at age 23 where she met her Co-Founder and CTO. She will talk about her experience raising funds when she did not believe she would be a unicorn, growth hacking, choosing advisers, why she decided it was time to sell, and how she ultimately steered her business to a successful exit.

Imogen Wethered

Founder CEO, Qudini

Imogen was CEO and Co-Founder of Qudini, a B2B SaaS company selling queue management and appointment software to retailers and banks.

The company was acquired by Verint in 2023, Imogen is now working at Verint running GoToMarket Strategy for Qudini’s “Retail Choreography” products within Verint, a global publicly listed enterprise SaaS company.

Having started and sold a company early in her career, Imogen is a big believer and supporter in helping entrepreneurs to start young when risks are low and there’s time to learn and sell multiple businesses.

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