Claire Suellentrop: How to Operationalise Customer Value to Maximize Product Growth

How well do you know your best customers? Why do they choose your solution over all the others? Reality check – most of us guess.

Knowing what to focus on is hard. Knowing who your best customers are, quantifying and measuring how they feel value, gives you a top decile advantage. It enables you to operationalise growth.

Claire will show you how to match your product experience with real customer needs. Your teams will be better equipped and more focused  to unlock product growth and revenue.

You’ll learn:

  • Why identifying your best customers unlocks your product growth strategy.
  • How to use what customers value to reverse engineer your ideal product experience.
  • How to identify your leading indicators of success (which will more effectively influence your lagging KPIs like your free/trial to paid % & MRR growth).
  • How to spot success gaps in your customer experience your team can fill.

Claire Suellentrop

Claire Suellentrop

co-Founder & COO, Forget the Funnel

Claire has spent 10 years helping SaaS companies go from startup to scale-up by turning customer insights to fuel revenue-generating marketing & growth programs. 

She’s worked with bootstrapped founders, VC and PE backed teams and global corporate teams including Wistia, MeetEdgar, Death to the Stock Photo and many other fun SaaS companies. She’s passionate about demonstrating the impact of adopting a customer-led approach to business growth.

Before co-founding Forget the Funnel, Claire was Director of Marketing and #2 employee at Calendly.

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