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I was an avid traveler, lived on the road and full time RV’d with my family – building our business, schooling kids, & living as cheaply as possible. Full stop March 2020.

I’ve admittedly been afraid to leave the house since. I’ve been working up the courage recently, but found many excuses not to travel – even to nearby cities. I’ve attended BoS online conferences since 2020 and they have forever changed the way we work and run our business; the talks are welcoming, intimate, and – most importantly – the people and organizers of BoS are always there to help with anything. The BoS community is unlike anything I’ve come across.

I missed the first “post Covid” in-person spring European conference this year out of fear. I regretted it, and committed to the conference in the fall.

I decided a 9 – 12 hour drive from Ontario to Boston might be a better first step than a flight. So, that’s what I did!

With my only BoS conference experiences being online, I was absolutely thrilled to attend BoS in person. It was incredibly exciting to meet everyone and to be a part of the interactions, camaraderie, and conversations. It was also wild to feel “normal” again and feel so welcomed and comfortable.

I’m always taken aback by thinking that some talks will not apply to my business or myself. Once the talks, questions, and breakouts begin, however, I realize how applicable it all is – to our business, to our clients and to their customers. More than just applicable: insightful, inspiring, surprising, and full of epiphanies.

My first day:

  • Mikey Trafton’s “Finding Your Super Powers” where I learned to find my energizing strengths (super powers) as others see them and turn those into my main focus whilst outsourcing things that drain my energy.
  • Tiffani Bova’s “Growth is a Thinking Game” helped put me deeper into our client’s shoes with insights into their growth struggles and how that affects them, and their product quality.
  • The rest of the day’s talks were just as inspiring, and my head was spinning with new perspectives, insights and ideas.
  • The Lunch Discussion Tables, Group Breakouts/Meet the Speaker session, and dinner were all intimate and caring interactions where everyone listened to each other, and shared ideas and experiences.
  • This is not just a conference – it’s like sitting around with dear friends or family sharing stories and brainstorming solutions.

How has BoS changed our perspective, our company, or our way of working?

I could tell you but, for those of you who know me, it would take me talking far longer than a half day’s drive to summarize!

Unfortunately, I had to leave unexpectedly that first evening. I was so incredibly impressed by the people, organizers and the event itself, that my co-founder and I immediately booked our trip for the BoS in person conference in Europe in March 2023. I absolutely cannot wait! Luckily, BoS still has online events to tide me over!

Vesna Leonard

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