Why BoS Conference is Different

We can’t wait to be back in person for BoS Conference USA. IT’S NEXT WEEK…!

Business of Software Conference USA, Boston MA is coming up next week, 26-28 September.

As we prepare for our first in-person US conference for three whole years, we were looking back at some of the things that we think make BoS a special place for all who attend, as speakers, supporters and most important, attendees.

You can read some of the thoughts of previous attendees including Dharmesh, Des Traynor, Tobi Lutke and many more here.

I ended up spending more time than I meant to watching some of the old BoS summary videos that try to take some of the lessons learned at each conference, talk to the speakers and participants about what they learned and took away.

A real trip down memory lane but it did strike me that while many things have changed over the years in the world of software, the core values and spirit of BoS have kept consistent.

BoS is about providing a place for entrepreneurs and software folk to spend time with kindred spirits talking and thinking about how you can build great products and great companies.

Here are a few of my favorites, featuring some very young looking people, some of whom now look a little older…

How many people can you name?

2008 in Boston, the first one with cameras…

2009 and BoS is in San Francisco

Joel Spolsky, Geoffrey Moore, Dan Bricklin, Neil Davidson and a few other people looking younger than today…

BoS USA 2015

With contributions from Peldi, Patrick McKenzie, Steli Efti, Paul Kenny, Trish Koo and the team.

Ali Blum attended and got stuck into interviewing attendees.

Here Ali talks to Peldi about why he comes.

And of course, I couldn’t omit the time when my 10 year old daughter came to BoS USA 2013 and decided she wanted to interview the attendees and speakers…

BoS USA 2013

Hear what attendees say about Business of Software Conference.

We look forward to seeing folk back in Boston next week, 26-28 September, for the first opportunity in 3 years to catch up with old friends and make new ones.

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