Radical Product Thinking | Radhika Dutt | BoS USA Online 2020

Radhika Dutt // Radical Product Thinking

Radhika Dutt is an entrepreneur and product leader who has participated in four acquisitions as a result of the products she built and advises organisations from high-tech startups to government agencies on building radical products (ones that create a fundamental change instead of optimising the status quo). She co-founded Radical Product Thinking as a movement of leaders creating vision-driven change. Radhika graduated from MIT with an SB and M.Eng in Electrical Engineering, and speaks nine languages while learning her tenth.

In this talk from BoS USA Online, Radhika talks about where iteration goes wrong, why Lean and Agile fall short, and how to diagnose the most common product diseases and overcome them. There are some great discussion points and tools covered int his talk that you can use in your team too.

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