What To Expect for 1st Timers and Ol’ Timers at Business of Software Conference USA

What To Expect for 1st Timers and Ol’ Timers

With just over two weeks until the 13th Business of Software Conference USA starts in Boston, MA, here are a few of the things that you should expect this year. Whether you are 1st timers or ol’ timers, there is plenty going on and here are a few notes about what you should expect. We want Business of Software Conference to be the best conference you attend in the year, for content, for atmosphere, for attendee experience.

There are some new elements this year so take a look and let us know if you have any questions…

Here’s What To Expect This Year

Remember, you’re taken care of from Sunday all the way through…

Don’t you hate going to an event then finding out you have to pay for snacks, coffee and meals? That sucks. From the moment you arrive for pre-reg on Sunday night our, (non DJed – people want to talk, not shout over techno beats), welcome reception with drinks and some very tasty food provided, we want you to feel at home, looked after and welcome.

  • Whether you’re coming for the 14th time or the first, you are part of the BoS community. Colored lanyards identify first timers and veterans. Folks that have been before will look out for new attendees and are always more than happy to talk and make you feel included.

BoS Networking Made Easy

  • Sit down breakfast is provided on all three days of the conference, maximising your chance to meet other attendees, the speakers, catch up and make new friends.
  • A sit down lunch is provided on the first two days of the event and some tables will be designated with table topics to spark a conversation. Don’t know anyone? Find something to talk about and join a conversation – or just join one of the ‘Introvert’ tables where you don’t have to speak to anyone. (These often end up with some of the most animated conversations). On Wednesday, you will get a grab and go lunch so you can either hang around or rush of to the outside world, the airport and back to the office, with some tasty food.
  • There is dinner and drinks on Monday evening. (Again, NO DJs). Don’t bother going to a restaurant, all the best people will be there, you will be well fed. You can choose to mingle or grab a table and talk. All up to you.
  • Tuesday evening is freestyle, we provide you a list of nice places to eat close by and you’re free to join a group or go back to your hotel room to recover from the second day.

Code of Conduct

Speaking of feeling welcome and included, we have a strictly enforced Code of Conduct. We do not accept any form of harassment. If at any time, you are made to feel uncomfortable for whatever reason, contact any member of the team.

A Business of Software Welcome

Swag Bag We don’t want to pollute the planet any more than you do. Our swag bag is one that people have said they use all the time. A handy shopper made out of natural fibres that lasts a long time. In it there will be a T-shirt, a decent pen (those lightweight plastic ones are horrid), a decent notebook and a few items that we think you will keep hold of. If you do not wish to take anything home, let us know as many attendees ask for extra items. We try to make sure that what is in the bag gets kept and used.

Bring Something Local We want to get to know you and help our other attendees get to know about you. Please feel free to bring something small that represents something special about your hometown/region and leave it with a note in Local Corner. It definitely shouldn’t be expensive. A candy bar or sweet, a local spice or herb? Something that will remind you of home.

Bring a book to share There are a few quiet corners in the venue where we will put out some books for reading and quiet contemplation. If you have read a book lately that you enjoy and don’t want to throw away, bring it along and share it with someone else. It is a nice thing to do.

Hate Networking? Don’t blame you. Most of the time it is a terrible experience, even for extroverts. We want you to have a great experience. Come and speak to one of the team if you are feeling left out or uncomfortable in a room of people. We understand. We will happily help you find someone who will look after you – previous attendees are particularly good at this as they were here for the first time once.

Other Activities

Photowalk on Sunday afternoon. Anyone can join, no experience, (or even interest in), photography required. It is a chance to take a walk around Boston with some of the regulars, meet some nice people and take some pictures if you wish. Meet in the Seaport Lobby at 2pm.

On the half chef. #boston #chef

There are also a whole ton of bands and artists playing in Boston before, during and after the conference. Lizzo, ZZ Top, baseball, David Byrne. You can see more information here.

At the Conference

Schedule Just to remind you, the Conference Schedule is here.

Slack We encourage everyone to us the conference Slack Channel to introduce themselves, make plans, share notes & ideas.

Twitter We’re @BoSConference on Twitter and the Conference hashtag is #BoS2019

Collaborative Notes are taken by any attendee that’s interested in contributing. These are shared freely with attendees and mean you don’t have to worry too much if you miss something. Someone else will have your back.

Graphic Artist For the first time this year, thanks to the kind support of PDQ.com, we will also have a Graphic Artist who will capture each of the talks and then we will share them with you using the magic of Kaptivo’s whiteboard capture device.

Business of Software Conference Europe 2019 082

Room Temperature Worth noting if you are used to sitting in warm and stuffy rooms, we keep the temperature in the auditorium on the low side, not Artic, but cool enough that the speakers are comfortable and attendees aren’t made to feel sleepy. If people are hot, they can’t take clothes off(!). If people are cool they can put on another layer so please bring something if you think you might feel the cold.

We also have blankets available if people need them, just ask.

Meet the Supporters During the networking breaks, don’t forget to come see, meet and talk to some of our wonderful supporters. This is no trade show but we do have some very smart people around who would be happy to talk to you about your challenges.

Unconference Session This year on Monday afternoon, we you will be running some Unconference Sessions. More here but please start thinking about what you would like to talk about or learn.