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The wonderful companies supporting BoS USA 2019 provides PDQ Deploy and PDQ Inventory, tools which allow sys admins the ability to install software and patches throughout their organization, as well as gaining visibility into what is already installed on company computers.

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Balsamiq is the maker of rapid wireframing software that combines the simplicity of paper sketching with the power of a digital tool so that teams can focus on what’s important. Balsamiq is a small and personable company that competes on usability and customer service. Balsamiq believes work should be fun, and that life is too short for bad software.

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Customer Migrations

Customer Migrations help SaaS founders win customers with beautiful, one-click onboarding experiences. Have you ever lost a sale because the customer was locked into their existing platform? It sucks when your customers are almost ready to convert to your product, but they can’t overcome the inertia of having to migrate data over from their existing tools. Customer Migrations are experts at reducing churn at this stage of the sale. They make custom white-labelled tools that companies offer to their customers, to make switching over stupid simple (including all data migrations).

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Logi Analytics

Delivering compelling applications with analytics at their core has never been more crucial—or more complex. Logi is the only developer-grade analytics platform focused exclusively on embedding analytics in commercial and enterprise applications. Logi leverages your existing tech stack and supports unlimited customization and white-labeling, so you can quickly build a completely unique analytics experience.

Over 1,900 applications have trusted the Logi platform to deliver sophisticated analytics capabilities and power their businesses. The company is headquartered in McLean, Virginia, with offices in Ireland and England.

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Ordway is democratizing billing and revenue automation software for the scaling, scrappy community of tech leaders that attends Business of Software. Built by a product team that’s been at the epicenter of billing and ERP systems’ evolution, the platform is eliminating manual workarounds in pricing, invoicing, collecting payments, and recognizing revenue for companies around the world. Ordway’s API-powered platform centralizes all the unique details of contracts and subscriptions including complex pricing and terms, one-time charges, and metered/usage-based billing, into one system of record. Integrations with leading CRM and accounting software combined with deep expertise in designing efficient billing processes means there is no need for costly consultants or strain on internal development resources.

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SoftwarePromotions have been helping software companies tap into Google for 20 years. With almost 600 clients from 47 countries, Dave and Aaron provide the ideal AdWords and SEO service for smart companies wanting more from Google at a lower cost. Whether you’re looking for a fully-managed service, consultation or training, SoftwarePromotions consistently produce the results.


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Twilio is a cloud communications platform for software developers to build, scale and operate real-time communications in their software applications.

Twilio powers the future of business communications, enabling phones, VoIP, and messaging to be embedded into web, desktop, and mobile software. We take care of the messy telecom hardware and expose a globally available cloud API so developers can interact with intelligent & complex communications systems.

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Revulytics offers cloud-based software usage analytics that give software producers deep visibility into how their products are being used and misused, providing them with actionable intelligence to generate revenue, optimize product development, and make data-driven decisions across their business. Its Compliance Intelligence solution and turnkey services are used by leading software vendors to increase license revenue and globally reduce software piracy. Its Usage Intelligence solution provides valuable insight into product usage and environments, enabling product teams to build better products. Revulytics software usage analytics has supported customer compliance programs generating more than $2.4 billion in new license revenue since 2010.

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SaaS Academy

At the SaaS Academy, Dan Martell works with SaaS companies that need to reach the next level in attracting and converting leads, expanding their customer base and increasing revenues. Applicants should be running a SaaS business with at least $10k in MRR, a functioning product, paying customers, technical skills on board, coachability and 100% commitment.

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Exago BI

SaaS providers embed Exago BI in their customer-facing applications to empower their users to build ad hoc and operational reports and interactive dashboards on their own, without help from IT. Developers appreciate the flexible, extensible, API-first architecture, and users love the balance of power and ease-of-use on the front end. A flexible UI that can be customized per user or per client, complete localization capabilities, SSO security, and growth-friendly, all-inclusive pricing that’s not based on seats or servers have Exago BI the smart choice for SaaS companies operating in multi-client environments since 2006.

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iuvo Technologies

iuvo Technologies is a Boston-based IT consulting company and managed services partner providing elegant, white-glove IT services and solutions to help businesses scale, increase efficiency and solve a variety of business problems. Their core belief is technology should elevate your business results. They help clients convert their IT departments from cost centers to pillars of valuable business growth. Managed Services, IT Consulting, IT Strategy, Virtual CIO, DevOPS, Business Continuity, Security and more, are the foundational offerings that have helped iuvo promote client success for the last twelve years.

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Accelerance helps companies create and execute better software engineering strategies using global software outsourcing solutions. We provide professional guidance for planning, sourcing and managing global teams so companies can achieve valuable benefits without the risks and challenges.

Our clients only work with fully investigated partners who are trusted, verified and certified to deliver. We’ve researched and scored more than 8,000 software engineering companies around the world, certifying the top 3% and travelling to more than 30 countries to conduct deep, on-site assessments.

We’re passionate about global software development and committed to making your global relationship an enviable success.

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YouCanBook.Me is a simple online scheduling tool for your team. It helps eliminate back and forth emails, and helps your customers make bookings straight into your calendar. The YouCanBook.Me team are long-time BoS attendees, and this year they’ve paid for 2 Scholarship tickets. Thanks, guys!

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Is your hosting and support as BoS as your product? Since 2001, we’ve been providing a true one-stop-shop vendor experience for small- and medium-sized customers with business-critical web applications. With the advent of cloud technology, we’ve been able to transform into a new kind of hosting company, where we combine AWS’s leading cloud technology with our extensive web application engineering expertise. The result is a BoS-inspired (10+ years attending!) experience for our customers, who benefit not only from a modern “true cloud” hosting infrastructure, but also from “boutique-style” technical support and related software services.

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App developers, stores and payment providers cross the threshold into the Bango ecosystem to converge, grow and thrive. By bringing businesses together and powering e-commerce with unique data-driven insights, Bango delivers new business opportunities and new dimensions of growth for customers around the world. Being inside the Bango circle means global merchants including Amazon, Google and Microsoft can work together with payment partners from Africa to the Americas, accelerating the performance of everyone on the inside.

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The Boston Product Management Association is a volunteer-led professional association serving Greater Boston’s Product Management and Product Marketing communities. They are dedicated to developing the careers of Boston-area product managers and marketers through monthly events and workshops, job listings, mentorship programs, and other resources.  Sharpen your skills, learn about emerging trends, and connect with other product innovators in their community.

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Software Executive Magazine

Software Executive magazine helps software executives grow their businesses by showcasing business best practices of established and innovative software companies. Software Executive’s editorial is vertical and platform agnostic, and covers all types of B2B software companies, with an emphasis on business management applications.

They’re not a tech-focused publication, it is a business-level resource to help executives grow and scale their software companies.

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Sense & Respond Press

Sense & Respond Press publishes short, beautiful, actionable books by leading practitioners in the field of innovation, digital transformation, product management, and design. Their readers are smart, busy, practical innovators like you. Their authors are experts working in the fields they write about.

Sense & Respond Press is the newest venture from Jeff Gothelf and Josh Seiden, authors of the groundbreaking Lean UX, and of the Thinkers50-nominated Sense & Respond.

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Sticker Mule

Sticker Mule make custom stickers for your company. They aim to build an incredible experience for ordering custom products. Wasting time sucks. That’s why they relentlessly focus on making it fast and easy to order custom products. Order in seconds and get your products in days. Free proofs, free artwork help, free shipping and fast turnaround are why their customers love them.

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